Just Theory (w/ John Jost & Jim Sidanius)

Episode 38 · March 28th, 2019 · 53 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

Historically, many activists and organizers have struggled to enact their visions of social justice, and many do so to this very day. What role, if any, can and should social psychology play in such struggles? Do we have a role to play? Or do the risks of such engagement outweigh any potential rewards? In this episode, I discuss such issues with social psychologists John Jost and Jim Sidanius. Jost co-crafted system justification theory, and Sidanius co-crafted social dominance theory, each a theory relevant to social justice.

--John Jost's NYU profile
--Jim Sidanius's Harvard profile
--"Digital Dissent: An Analysis of the Motivational Contents of Tweets From an Occupy Wall Street Demonstration," by Langer, Jost, et al. (2018)
--"Ethnic and National Attachment in the Rainbow Nation: The Case of the Republic of South Africa," by Sidanius, Brubacher, and Silinda (2019)