Level Up (Advancing Foreign Policy Through Feminism)

Episode 37 · March 11th, 2019 · 57 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

As world leaders set their countries' foreign policies, history might seem an obvious basis upon which to base sound policy. Other potential bases that might seem obvious include game theory and perhaps even evolutionary theory. But is feminism an underappreciated basis? I discuss this topic with Jamille Bigio, Alexandra Bro, and Rachel Vogelstein, all at the Council on Foreign Relations. At a time when Sweden explicitly labels its foreign policy as "feminist," we explore what that means and whether there's evidence that feminist foreign policy is smart foreign policy.

--Jamille Bigio's CFR profile
--Alexandra Bro's CFR profile
--Rachel Vogelstein's CFR profile
--"Sweden's Feminist Foreign Policy: Long May It Reign" (by Rachel Vogelstein and Alexandra Bro, in Foreign Policy)
--"Growing Economies Through Gender Parity" (interactive CFR report)
--"Countering Sexual Violence in Conflict" (by Jamille Bigio and Rachel Vogelstein)
--Nadia Murad Wikipedia entry
--Denis Mukwege Wikipedia entry
--"A Place of Her Own: Women's Right to Land" (Alexandra Bro, coauthored with Meighan Stone)
--"Let Women Work" (by Rachel Vogelstein, in Foreign Affairs)