When They Hit You (w/ Omar Wasow)

Episode 56 · July 16th, 2020 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

Princeton political scientist Omar Wasow joins me to talk about a recent paper of his that focuses on the relative impact of violent and nonviolent protest of racial injustice. In the wake of such deaths as that of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and in light of subsequent protests, his paper has been quite timely. It's also been met with some controversy. Wasow and I discuss his background, the paper, the implications of the paper for activists, reactions to the paper, and more. (Special thanks to my colleague Paul Schofield, who suggested one of the questions I posed in the interview.)

--Wasow's Princeton page
--Wasow's personal web page
--"Agenda seeding: How 1960s Black protest moved elites, public opinion, and voting," by Omar Wasow
--"Racial orders in American political development," by Desmond S. King & Rogers M. Smith
--"Bayard Rustin: The gay Black pacifist at the heart of the March on Washington," by Gary Younge