"Fuck You" Money, And Then Some (Azari & Wood, on Campaign Finance)

Episode 49 · March 9th, 2020 · 1 hr 59 secs

About this Episode

What's the impact of money on electoral politics? For instance, how does reliance on large numbers of small donors affect a candidate's appeal to voters? As more candidates recruit more financial support from large numbers of donors online, what's the impact on political parties? Does it further weaken them? I discuss such issues as these--and more, including race, gender, and campaign finance--with Marquette University political scientist Julia Azari and USC law professor Abby Wood.

--Abby Wood's USC profile
--Julia Azari's Marquette U. profile
--"Mischiefs of Faction" political science blog
--Azari's FiveThirtyEight profile
--"Campaign Finance Disclosure" (by Abby Wood, in the Annual Review of Law and Social Science, 2018)
--"Democrats might have the stronger party. They also have a harder job." (by Julia Azari, for the Mischiefs of Faction, 2020)
--"From AOC to shining sea: Justice Democrats want to be the Left's Tea Party" (from The Economist, 2020)