Fear of Falling (w/ Ashley Jardina)

Episode 35 · February 25th, 2019 · 39 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

Ashley Jardina, a faculty member in political science at Duke University, is the author of White Identity Politics, which is scheduled to go on sale on Thursday, February 28. She and I recently talked about her book, which examines White identity and its political impact. As much as Whiteness has often been treated as a kind of cultural default, and even though it's often assumed that their own race isn't salient to White Americans and that they don't feel solidarity with other Whites, many actually do think about their race and do feel such solidarity. And it's not just the types who gained infamy in Charlottesville. Jardina's book explores what White identity is and what White consciousness is. She also documents some of the political correlates of those variables. We discuss that research, as well as her own background. And we even highlight one thing that Donald Trump has done "expertly."

--Ashley Jardina's webpage at Duke
--White Identity Politics, at Cambridge University Press
--White Identity Politics, at Amazon
--"White Identity Politics Aren't Going Anywhere" (by Thomas Edsall, in the New York Times, and including discussion of Jardina's book)
--Richmond, Virginia's Monument Avenue